"Kuleana: Knowing Your Responsibility"

There’s a fine line between common sense and KNOWING what I am responsible for.

Kuleana (Koo-lay-ah-nah). basically means “Knowing Your Responsiblity” and used in the context of Leadership.

We all have a responsibility for the preservation and conservation of our land and water. So we abide by the laws set forth by our state.

Previously, I had written Purchasing Hawaii Vacant Land? Ancient Hawaiian Burial Sites and Laws and discussed our laws regarding ancient burial sites and our responsibility to do due diligence if you are considering purchasing vacant land. These laws not only apply to vacant land but property already in use that you may be building a new project on and the discovery of an ancient burial site or human bones.

The State of Hawaii, Department of Land and Natural Resources, State Historic Preservation Divison held a Oahu Island Burial Council Meeting on October 10, 2007.

Some of the topics discussed at this particular meeting were:

  • The Honolulu Rapid Transit System: Information and surveys for our Rapid Transit System
  • Walmart (Status Update) Contested Case: Status and update on the case and discussion of the reinternment of the iwi (human bones) found at the site when construction started a couple of years ago.
  • Hau’ula Property, Recognition of Lineal/Cultural Descent: SHPD’s (State Historic Preservation Division) recommendation for recognition of the cultural/lineal descendants of five burials on the site. They are determining a burial treatment plan on whether to preserve the location on the site or relocate them.
  • Other new inadvertant discoveries

There are other zoning laws to consider as well. There is just so much buildable land on any of our islands and much is zoned Restricted Preservation, Restricted Conservation, Agricultural, Beachfront, Coastal and Country land and the following reading are all related to our land. Our paradise.

As a Real Estate Professional on the island of Oahu in Hawaii it is my responsibility to gain knowledge on all that may be pertinent to the sale of real property. If you are planning on relocating to Hawaii it’s your responsibility to learn too.

It’s my ‘Kuleana’ …. Knowing my Responsiblity as a Leader in my Industry.


Celeste “Sally” Cheeseman’s Mililani Hawaii Real Estate Blog 2007©
*All pictures and content property of Celeste “Sally” Cheeseman

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