Are You IN the Middle of a Rip Current?

After reading the warning sign and taking precautions by standing back a few feet from the warning tape I looked up to see big breaking waves on the shore and the whitewater rushing back out to see. Rip currents are DANGEROUS. The powerful, channeled currents of seawater flowing away from the shoreline, through the surf and past the breaking waves will take you out to sea quicker than you can bat an eyelash.

There is no doubt that conditions change and we need to take heed to the warning signs.
The housing market and real estate industry is constantly changing and has been for some time. Though it is known that the market is LOCAL and every area has different statistics I think I can safely say that there is no housing boom going on.

In October, there was Good News! October Statistics for Oahu’s Housing Market! Then, The Ripple Effect From Our Hawaii Tourism Industry took a dive and many restaurants and industries are closing down. For the month of November, our home sales declined but our prices here on Oahu are still stable and hopefully this decline will last just a short while.
Needless to say, the Rip Currents are dragging many out to sea and everyone is out there trying to grasp at every straw to stay afloat:

  • Buyers are backing out for no reason ….or maybe they were just too embarrassed to say why. (i.e. family problems, lost jobs or whatever the case may be)
  • Loan Officers are promising the world and can’t deliver when it comes time for processing. (giving a preapproval without taking everything into consideration ….in hopes it goes through)
  • Realtors® are nagging at sellers to list their home. (Who knows how they got the private cell number of the owner….yes this just happened to my seller)
  • Realtors® are giving bad advice to the buyer for the sake of a sale. (i.e. bank owned and no warranties, inspections or recourse)
  • Sellers are thinking that it’s still a great market (and thinking that they can play hardball when there are few and far between buyers)

The majority of us have kept afloat with great marketing skills and a niche we have created for ourselves. We listen to our clients and only after listening to their needs first do we give back sound, straighforward information and advice. We follow our Code of Ethics which can be compared to our every day behavior following our personal beliefs, morals and values in this game called life. We hold our heads high and sleep VERY well at night knowing…we lived each day right and didn’t step on anothers toes to get there.

The rest will be sucked out to sea by those dangerous rip currents.
And You?
© 2008 Celeste “Sally” Cheeseman, All rights reserved

Hawaii Military Relocation | Online Relocation Package

So….you are Relocating to Hawaii with the Military and…you are going to be stationed at Schofield Barracks Army Installation or Wheeler Army Air Field. (adjacent right next to each other in Central Oahu) Wheeler used to be an Air Force base and was returned to the Army on November 1, 1991. History shows that the soldiers from Schofield started clearing way for an aircraft strip back in February of 1922 and named in November of 1922 honoring Major Sheldon H. Wheeler who died on July 13, 1921 when his aircraft crashed during a demonstration. Wheeler Air Field became a separate base on August 31, 1939.

Wheeler AAF and Schofield Barracks are adjacent to each other on Kunia Road although Wheeler has other DOD Defense activities going on including: Defense Communications Agency, the Air Force’s 6010th Aerospace Defense Group, the Hawaii Army National Guard’s Aviation Support Facility, and the 25th Infantry Division (Light) Aviation Brigade.

Your Military Relocation to Hawaii and Purchasing Your New Home. The following information is basic but pertinent information to go over before you even pack for your transfer and before considering purchasing your Honolulu County (Oahu) home. Moving across the Pacific Ocean to a totally different and diverse cultural ethnic may be of a shock and you may want to brush up on a few tips to make your transition a smooth one.

The Military Presence on Oahu, Land Use and other Zoning Laws It is without a doubt that our Hawaiian Islands have little buildable land so it is detrimental to keep all of our zoning and land use laws intact. The Active Duty Military has 3.5% of a population and 10% total with Veterans as well. The majority of our land is Preservation and Conservation land and the following will give you insight

Neighborhoods in Honolulu County and Market Report too! An insight into the different neighborhoods and what they have to offer. You will also get current market statistics in each community for which I wrote for that period.

Honolulu County (Oahu) Weather and Traffic – It is a given that with an island so small and a population of almost one million that we do have peak traffic hours as in any other part of the country. For a look at Oahu’s traffic click on the following TRAFFIC CAM to view during peak hours.

Things to Do, History & Places to See – A three part series for a brief, condensed Points of Interest series to learn a little about our island and our so diverse and full of different cultures and ways of life.

Condo or Townhouse Living: Rules to Follow and Steps to Protect: If you are contemplating downsizing then condo / townhouse living may be an option. With maintenance fees for most associations taking care of the bulk of your homeowner’s insurance (common elements), and repairs to the outside, roof, grounds and water/trash and sewere this may just be an option.

History of schools and links to Hawaii’s Education System A brief look at the history of Hawaii and its school system as well as researching schools and neighborhoods suitable for your family and their Relocation to Hawaii.

Bottom line is this.

It’s not easy moving across the Pacific Ocean let alone to a totally different “world” of people,
but you can do it with a little effort, motivation and a great Realtor®!