The Koolau Mountain Range-A Dormant Volcano on Oahu, Hawaii

Breathtaking! The Ko’olau Mountain Range is not a “normal” mountain range. The western half that is seen is what is left of the Ko’olau Volcano that was destroyed in Prehistoric times. What happened was the eastern half and much of the summit caldera (feature formed during volcanic activity) slid into the Pacific Ocean.

These fragments were cast 100 miles over the northeast part of the ocean floor. History says the eruption first took place on the ocean floor 2.5 million years ago. It kept growing in elevation (which you see here to the left) and currently stands over 3,000 feet above sea level. Scientists believe that this dormant volcano will one day come to life again.

The map above shows the monstrosity of the Ko’olau Mountains (to the right and all in green) which is the length of our island of Oahu from southern (Honolulu) to northern (North Shore) ends. If you are planning on Relocating to Hawaii this article will give you a little more lore and information regarding our island of Oahu.

We traveled over the H-3 Freeway to get to the windward side of the island (which is basically from central Oahu west of the Koolau’s to the east side of Oahu) where Kaneohe and Kailua towns are located. From there we went all along the coast to the North Shore and back to Central Oahu.

After going through Kaneohe town we headed north through and went through the following towns:
Waimanalo– Country area, plenty of agricultural land and I love to go out there to the orchid farms where you can pick up variety at low cost.
Kaawa– Macadamia Nut Farm, Koolau Ranch
Punaluu– Beautiful beaches, waterfront properties and the Crouching Lion restaurant
Hauula– Country, coastal properties
Laie– Polynesian Cultural Center, BYU University, Laie Point fishing
Kahuku– Sugar Mill, Shrimp Farms, Farmland
Sunset Beach– North Shore Famous Surfing Spot, beaches, coastal and mountain properties.
Waimea Bay– Beautiful bay, swimming, Autubon society in Waimea Valley
Haleiwa– Old historic town, quaint shops and beaches
We traveled only 3/4 of the way along the Koolau Mountain Range to the left of us and the ocean to the right. No matter how many times we make this beautiful drive every single time it proves to have such scenic views to behold each and every time. (click the button for the show twice…it has a kink sometimes 🙂

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