Be Part of the Solution For Your Market; Because "Shift" Always Happens

Whichever state you are residing and conducting business in it can be guaranteed that your market of last year or the year before is in the past. What is past is past. What is present is a gift. And the future is yet to come. The market shifts, changes, goes up, goes down or stabilizes. Whatever the cause of the market in your neighborhood changing it is up to us to keep the market moving.

Real Estate Industry Professionals keep the market moving. What a concept! I for one shifted, changed and moved with Honolulu Hawaii’s market. In Hawaii our market has definitely shifted all over the place in the last two years. Up and down, stable and now the neighborhoods have shifted yet again. In some other neighborhoods prices have gone back up and others it has gone down. Go figure.
Here’s a post I wrote back in July 2007 (it was actually my attempt to write a contest entry for the Carnival of Content Contest) No Bursting Bubble For Hawaii? Home Buying and Selling Tipsters!

In any case, if anyone would like to see our statistics released by the Honolulu Board of Realtors yesterday for the third quarter it can be seen here in full and there are links for previous months, years and quarters. I do thank the ghost writer for getting me off my behind to give current statistics though!

The following statistics are for the Median SALES prices in the Honolulu County (Oahu) Hawaii throughout the last few years. Our sales prices are NOT going down. What has gone down are the number of sales. For single family homes in 2006 the number of sales at this time were 1,089 and this year it’s 975. For condos the number sold was 1,559 at this time last year and as of yesterday 1,366.

What really makes the difference is the neighborhoods. In Central Oahu (Mililani, Wahiawa, Whitmore, Wilikina) our prices went up for single family homes and down for condos. The previous quarter both single family and condo prices went up. Go figure. In July of this year (when I wrote that post) prices went up for all categories and neighborhoods except for Ewa and Waipahu (for single family) and Makakilo and Pearl City for Condos. Again. Go figure.

Single Family: Median Sales Price
2003- $380,000
2004- $460,000
2005- $590,000
2006- $630,000
2007- $649,000

Condos: Median Sales Price
2003- $175,000
2004- $180,000
2005- $269,000
2006- $310,000
2007- $330,000

And this IS the current information from our Honolulu Board of Realtors (tracking all solds from our MLS) and brought to you via WooHoo Sally’s Blog!

For those of you who believe that we make a difference for our Real Estate Industry then keep on striving to be the best you can be; ALWAYS support each other and work as a team and ALWAYS think in the best interests of your clients.

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