TOP 10 Priorities to Consider When Selling Your Hawaii Home

The Hawaii Home Seller will need to be aware that there are TOP PRIORITIES for selling your home and  getting the best representation for that job!  It’s not just about marketing your home, selling your home at market value or expecting that everyone else has the same sentiments that you do with your home.

A Home Seller HAS to have an open mind with an abundance of concerns that need to be considered and addressed in the process of Selling Your Hawaii Home. Another thing to consider is that there is just only so much buildable land on Oahu.  The home located on a nice piece of land (say 5,000-10,000 sq/ft) in say Mililani, is worth more than the home itself!

  1. The interior/ land square footage is important. You may have an excellent condition home but 700 sq/ft interior vs. 2,500 interior sq/ft interior is a HUGE difference in under the roof size and will HAVE to be priced right. Same with the land sq/ft. Listen to your Realtor® when they are presenting comparable properties on the market.
  2. The Year Built is important. The year your home was built is a huge difference if it were built in 1920 vs. 2015! Some older homes in Hawaii are single wall construction, have aluminum wiring and the plumbing (if not done previously) will need serious updating. Single wall construction may be harder to get homeowners insurance.
  3. Selling Your Hawaii Home in “As Is” Condition Will Raise Eyebrows. If you have a home that has structural, electrical, plumbing or hazardous issues; not to mention termites.  You’d be better off getting an independent home inspection and making the necessary repairs.
  4. Market Value of Your Home Does Matter! I keep hearing many who insist that appraisers do not use short sales  and foreclosures for comps in their appraisals. Gee, wonder how prices went down in certain neighborhoods compared to others? Then why do appraisers give a summary of “this neighborhood is in a declining market” in their report?
  5. Neighborhoods Do Matter! There are some Oahu neighborhoods that were in severely declining markets with MANY short sales and foreclosures.  Your Realtor® should know your neighborhood and give you sound advice on the housing market in your neighborhood.
  6. Loan programs available do matter!  Most loans may not approve a loan if your home has unpermitted bedrooms, baths or additions. VA loans will not approve a loan for a home that is in disrepair as well.  Just because your home is in a high priced neighborhood does not automatically mean that you can sell it and a loan will be approved if you have serious conditions going on.
  7. Lower inventory may not matter if: You have your home so overpriced that it will not appraise. Our inventory is seriously low in Mililani,  but it does not mean you can overprice by 100k and people will grab it!  You need to be realistic and listen to your Realtor®.
  8. Marketing Your Home Does Matter!  Approximately 90% of all home buying/selling consumers are online looking at the values of Hawaii Homes. Your Realtor® should have an extensive marketing plan geared online for selling your Hawaii Home and also do Open Houses (which by the way do work here) to expose your home to many advertising possibilities.
  9. Allowing for Showings of Your Home DO Matter! If you demand to be there for all showings or only allow showings during certain times you will definitely cut the amount of exposure for your home. Make sure your agent uses electronic lockboxes that register all agents who are showing their clients.
  10. It Does Matters Which Realtor® Represents You!  You may want to interview a few Realtors® to make sure that you will be represented well.  Experience, knowledge, personality, detailed, organized, prompt, keeps you informed, marketing techniques, laws/contracts are just a few of the traits to look for.

You may be relocating, upgrading to a larger home or downgrading because of personal reasons. Whatever your reasons are for Selling Your Hawaii Home these points above are REALLY something to consider. You do want to be a happy and successful Hawaii Home Seller, right?

Royal Kunia Community – Still Growing in Honolulu County

Residential Royal Kunia
Residential Royal Kunia
The Royal Kunia Community is a 270 acre master planned community located in Central Oahu and high above the Ewa plains. Royal Kunia is a developement of partners, a joint venture partnership with Halekula Development Corp (a Horita company) and Castle & Cooke. They completed their first homes in 1988 and to date have built approximately 1,930 homes with the first of 2,000 more homes that are scheduled to be completed by 2010.

The Royal Kunia Community Park has been completed and the second phase for the Community Center had their ground breaking ceremony this past November. The Royal Kunia Community Center is expected to commence building this year.

Across from the park is the Royal Kunia Country Club and it’s described as the most scenic golf course on Oahu. With a panoramic view high above the Ewa Plain it will surely take your breath away looking from Pearl Harbor to Diamond Head along the south shore.

Royal Kunia home sales have picked up for single family homes although the townhouses are slow going. The location of this community to freeway access may be a plus for the Hawaii Military Relocating to Hawaii as it is centrally located to Hickam Air Force Base and Pearl Harbor Naval Base off H-1. Royal Kunia Community is located right off Kunia Road that leads to Schofield Barracks and the Naval Communications Master Center.
Royal Kunia Community is centrally located on the island of Oahu with many shops in the Kunia shopping center, a Walmart and close to the new Costco and Target stores in Kapolei.